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Sell your house quickly with the highest dollar amount. According to NAR's research, 91% of houses sold in the nation are sold by a real estate agent and 99% are sold at listing price! The reason why the numbers are right on point is because real estate agents use similar data that an appraiser would use. Utilizing the tools given for our industry is a big plus to listing it to the current market value. Another big marketing strategy is professional pictures. Most houses that sold during the pandemic sold because of the amazing quality in pictures and video. Using a professional photographer who is an expert in residential property photography and videography is key. With many sellers weary about allowing anyone in the property and many buyers that have become specific to viewing only those houses that are qualified to their specifications; virtual showings will put your house ahead of the competition and most likely get an offer of listed price or more. Schedule a 15 minute call to talk about why a marketing strategy is best for the sale of your house.

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